Inapp Translator is the Easiest way to Translate Text on Android

Since evolution, communication is the basic need for human beings. The problem with communication on a global scale is that the written or spoken communication changes from place to place. Even with the world becoming a global village, it is not feasible for anyone to learn and understand every possible language.

In the current era of Wold Wide Web, every piece of information available on our fingertips. Today you can translate text from one language to another very easily on any device. Here we are going to review an awesome Android app for translation which is very minimal and yet has taken us aback by surprise with its functionality !

Inapp Translator is a minimal looking translation app for Android which lets you translate text “on the go” from within any app which lets you select and copy text.  The best feature about the app is that you do not need to leave the application from which you want the text to be translated.

The translation from the app is almost flawless with just one downside – Before using this translation app, make sure you have a working Internet connection on your device. Without internet connectivity, it is not possible to translate any text using this app. We so wish that the app had an offline mode.

To get started, Download Inapp Translatior from Play Store.

After installing the app on your device, run the application. On main screen you can select your desired language.

photo_2014-05-26_15-09-55 photo_2014-05-26_15-09-50

You can leave the first field as Auto Detect. In second field you can select your desired language. After your desired language is set, just click the big, fat “T” button which you can find in bottom of the application.

After clicking that button application will run in background with a semi transparent button on top, which can be moved around like Facebook “chat head”.

photo_2014-05-26_15-10-03 photo_2014-05-26_15-09-44


Now you need to open  any application which supports copying text, copy the text you want to translate and click on the semi transparent “T” button, it will instantly translate the text for you.


photo_2014-05-26_14-58-50 photo_2014-05-26_14-59-22 photo_2014-05-26_14-59-31

The application uses Bing API to translate the text. As like any other Translation app, translation may not be up to the mark, but it will make a meaningful sentence which you can understand. To close the application running in background, just keep pressing “T” transparent logo till it is gone.