How to Root Moto E the Correct Way. Most Comprehensive Guide !

In recent times Android has emerged as the major platform for mobile OS. Though Android devices run perfectly out of box, but people are always interested in rooting their Android device(s). Rooting in layman’s term means giving full access to the core system files of Android, mostly like giving access of a Superuser. Rooting is kind of “sudo” command when compared to Linux OS or you can think of it as giving administrative rights to any program in Windows.

After rooting your Android device, you can expect endless possibilities. After rooting your device, you can edit system files, change core theme, add very useful functionality and core features, just to name a few. We are doing a comprehensive guide to root your new, beloved, budget friendly, Motorola Moto E.

Please note that rooting will void your phone’s warranty. In case of an unsuccessful event, it can also brick or damage your device.

The main thing that you need to root your Moto E is a mini USB connector cable, which doesn’t come in the box packing. You will need a mini USB cable for accessing the device. You can use any Mini USB cable that comes with any Android or Lumia device. In our case we have used USB data cable that came with Lumia 625 .

1) To get started, you will need USB driver for your Motorola device. To get Motorola USB driver, head over to  and download driver for your operating system. After a successful download, install the driver for your operating system.

Moto USB Driver Install - 1

Moto USB Driver Install - 2

Moto USB Driver Install - 3


2) After installing USB driver, head over towards downloading ADB tools for Android. You can either download ADB tools by searching various links, but we insist you to download ADB tools from the official Android SDK site at Installing ADB is also pretty straightforward.

After downloading and installing Android SDK you can find ADB tools under platform-tools under sdk folder where Android SDK is installed. In Linux or Mac you will have adb utility installed in your shell.

3) Next step is to enable USB debugging option from Developer Options under setting menu. Most of the people who are using Kitkat (Android 4.4)  for the first time might not able to locate Developer Options under Setting menu. To enable  or activate Developer Options, you need to go to About Phone under settings, and keep tapping Build number until you are not notified that Developer Options is activated.

Moto E Rooting - 18

4) Under Developer options check the USB Debugging option. Now connect the device with your mini USB data cable to your PC. You will see some drivers being installed if you are on Windows Machine. After driver installation, you will be prompted  to allow the computer to access USB Debugging over the phone.




5) In the next step we will open Command Prompt and go to ADB tools directory. In Linux or Mac, we will simply open terminal or shell. In Command prompt or Terminal or in Shell we will type following command.

adb devices

If you have followed all the steps correctly it will show your device list:

ADB Devicess SuccessIn case you get Unauthorized in front of your device, you need to authorize your Computer from your phone in Developer Options which we have mentioned earlier.

ADB Device Unauth

Now as your Moto E is accessible from ADB, we will reboot the device in bootloader mode by passing following command.

adb reboot bootloader

When command is executed successfully, you will be greeted with bootloader screen on the phone.

Moto E Rooting - 17

6) Now we will pass the following command to unlock bootloader of Moto E

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

It will show you something like this on the screen:

Boot loader string

7) Next you need to head over to for getting your Unlock Key for unlocking the bootloader. You will either need an existing Motorola ID or you can create one using your Google account.

You simply have to copy-paste the output string from the previous step. You will need to paste these five lines without using “(bootloader)” in the text box on that page and click on “Can my Device be Unlocked?” button. In case of mac or Linux it will show INFO followed by string, so you need to remove INFO and concatenate the string. After a successful return from the unlock page, you need to agree to the Legal Agreement and Warning and click on Request Unlock Key. Your Unlock Key will be delivered in your email inbox which you would have used to log in to the above URL.

8) Now is the time to unlock your device! To unlock your Moto E, pass the following command:

fastboot oem unlock <INSERT YOUR UNLOCK KEY HERE>

You need to replace <INSERT YOUR UNLOCK KEY HERE> with your own unlock key for Moto E.

OEM Unlock Moto E

The system will reboot now and you will be greeted with following screen on boot.

Moto E Rooting - 16

And then Moto animated boot screen 🙂

Moto E Rooting - 9

9) Congratulations! Now you have unlocked your phone successfully. Next step will be to flash the TWRP recovery image to your phone. To do so, you need to download the TWRP image for Moto E. You can download TWRP image from here

After downloading the recovery image file, move your file to ADB tools directory if you are in windows, or change your directory where your image file is downloaded in Linux or Mac.

You need to pass following command to get into bootloader again.

adb reboot bootloader

You will be greeted with bootloader screen on your Moto E. now pass following commands

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

And then pass this command to reboot your device

fastboot reboot

Now you have successfully installed TWRP recovery image on your device.

10) In this step we will download SuperSU files and transfer it to our phone internal memory. SuperSU is the app which allows root access to apps on your Android phone. Super SU files can be downloaded from

After download, transfer the zip file to internal storage of Moto E by connecting it through USB data cable. Now we will one more time open ADB to reboot device to recovery. We will pass following command to boot phone into recovery.

adb reboot recovery

After that you will be greeted with following screen on your phone

Moto E Rooting - 10

Note : At the time of writing this article, there was an issue with recovery image and we were not able use touch screen in TWRP until screen is turned off and on again. To enable touch, leave the Moto E in recovery mode for a minute. The screen will be turned off, now turn on the screen by pressing power key of Moto E. Slide to unlock the screen and voila! you will be able to use the touch screen again.

Moto E Rooting - 11

Click on Install, scroll down and select the SuperSU zip file.

Moto E Rooting - 12

Now swipe the “swipe to confirm flash“.

Moto E Rooting - 13

In next screen you will see the files being flashed to system.

  Moto E Rooting - 14

After that just click on reboot system.

Moto E Rooting - 15

After rebooting you will be greeted with upgrading application screen.

Moto E Rooting - 8

Next step is to open Dialer app and press following key pre


Dialer dialing for SU

This will launch SuperSU app, confirming you flashed SuperSU correctly. Alternatively you can also open the app via navigating your App Launcher menu 😉

Super SU App

As there are no further steps involved, now would be a good time to install some apps which specifically require root access on Moto E !

We told you, this is the most comprehensive, detailed and fun tutorial to root Moto E 🙂

Credits : XDA Developer Forum