Manage Network Profiles on Windows with NETSETMAN

Many of us might have come to a situation when we need to change network settings on our computer based on different locations. Say you need a faster Google DNS at home but while being at workplace you need to configure a different proxy server. Doing this switch between different settings, all the time, is a very complicated task if done manually.

But there is a handy application which can do the task of switching between different network profiles in one click. Here we will cover an awesome software application which can changes network profile in one click.

How To Manage Network and Computer Profiles in one-click

NetSetMan is an amazing piece of application which can change Network profiles along with various settings of PC in a single click. You can download the software from

The software comes in Both free and paid versions. While the Free version doesn’t include change in Proxy Setting, Browser Home Page or joining different Network Domain with different credentials, but is still worth a try.

NetSetMan Auto Wifi Switch Setting
NetSetMan Auto WiFi Switch Setting


Alternatively you can view the following official video which shows more possibility of the software.

Our Verdict :

Though it may seem easy to set the things up according to their video, it was not in our case. NetSetMan also offers a Windows 8  Metro App. There is nothing special in Windows 8 Metro app too. It just shows Network Details in app.

NetSetMan Windows 8 Metro UI