How To Set Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone

Even if the experience of a smartphone maybe good “out of the box”, but it always feels awesome when you are able to customize a phone according to your choice. One of the starting customization which most of the people like to do is to set their desired ringtone on the phone.

Though there may be several apps available over the marketplace to set a particular media file as ringtone, but there is always an easier way to do the things. In this article we have covered the easiest way to set your own custom ringtone on Windows Phone.

How to set your own custom Ringtone on Windows Phone

1. Connect your Windows Phone with USB cable provided and browse to the phone’s filesystem with File Explorer in Windows.


2. Create a new folder named “Ringtones” and paste your custom ringtone inside it


3. On your Windows Phone, goto Settings then select Ringtones+Sound and select ringtone under Custom category

Screenshot of Windows Phone Ringtone set

And that’s it! Your favorite ringtone is set now 😀