Create WiFi hotspot using your wireless card

We are always connected with our smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPod, gaming consoles and wearables throughout the day. With the increase in digital smart devices all around us, there is a always a hassle in accessing the Internet through all of these devices. With an ideal setup, you will have a rocking fast broadband Internet connection at your home and you can share the connection with all your devices very easily. In your home network it might not be a big issue where you don’t have to pay separately for data access on every device. But while you are out of your home and on the move, separate Internet connection for individual devices can be costlier .

Virtual Router Plus

Virtual Router Plus is a freeware application, which helps you to create a virtual WiFi hotspot to share laptop’s Internet connection with any Wifi enabled device. Most of the times it is not feasible to even carry around your portable router while travelling, hence an application that can create a Wifi hotspot using your Laptop comes handy. The only thing you need is to have an Internet connection accessible from any other source other then your WiFi card. It could either be through LAN or a data card.

Easy Setup

To start with, you need to download the Virtual Router Plus app from their website. The application does not require any installation, you just need to run the standalone application and feed Network Name (SSID) alongwith the password. You can select which Internet connection you want to share in Shared Connection tab.

Virtual Router Plus
Virtual Router Plus Main Interface

After filling in SSID and password, click on start Virtual Router Plus and voila ! You can now share your Internet connection with other wireless devices easily.

Our Verdict :

There are similar software applications like Connectify, in the competition for this segment, which are paid applications and are not compatible with all the Wifi cards. [pullquote-left]Virtual Router Plus is very easy to setup and the Wifi Hotspot created is secured using WPA2 by default.[/pullquote-left] Also it does not start any background process in Windows, so everything is under your control with a lean application window. We tested the application with 5 wireless devices simultaneously which include smartphones, tablets and notebooks. All the apps worked great on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 with no connectivity issues at all. With the small application size and no installation required at all, this is a must have app for anyone.