Olx Review – One of the Best MarketPlace to Buy and Sell Products in India

People buy and sell a lot of thing online now. Especially in a growing economy like India, we have a choice of many popular online portals and marketplaces to chose from. One of the most popular marketplace in India is OLX where you find anything ranging from mobiles for sale , vehicles, home appliances and so on. Olx is a free online platform of classifieds where anyone can create ads to sell their products easily. It’s a win-win situation for buyers as well because you can find used products in good condition and at much cheaper rates than the traditional market. Olx also offers a wide range of services from education and jobs,  matrimonial,  buying and selling of all type of products like vehicles, real estates and so on.


From a customer’s point of view what differs an ecommerce portal from others is the range of products, reliable business and ease of use. Olx offers its services in more than 40 different languages and is spanned across 96 countries. The marketplace has its offices located in Sao Paulo, New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Mumbai and Moscow. Having global presence and a large catalogue of products, the marketplace is growing at a rapid pace and is here to stay for a long time. Olx also has a wide media presence and you can view more videos about the service from its YouTube channel. Here we go for a short review of the marketplace with our pro-tips using which you can buy great products at the best prices.

Tips for Selling products on Olx :

1) Get hold of a professional camera and click some close up shots of the product you are going to sell in high resolution. Do not forget to keep the background of pics to light mono-color. “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true as serious buyers are only going to zero-on buying the products which have clear pictures from most angles.

2) Always give clear and honest description of the product including the warranty, working state, time used and necessary information. Do not try to sell a tablet to a buyer looking to purchase a powerful ultrabook.

3) Act professionally giving accurate details of communication including contact number and email address. Potential buyers can then contact you if they have any question regarding the product and if they have decided to eventually buy the product.

4) Always price your products competitively and thrown in some extra stuff (if affordable).

Tips for Buying products on Olx :

1) Olx has all the necessary filters at the top and left side of the product category. Prefer searching for a recent listing of product you want to buy. You can easily filter the listing based on price range, individual sellers v/s businesses, the specific type of the product and so on.

2) Always prefer products with clear description giving all the details about the product. The more accurate pictures a product has, the better your chances will be to buy a reliable product. Also compare a handful of similar listings to look for a better offer.


Olx Advantage :

1) On Olx it is very easy to design rich, colorful ads complete with photos. The time to start selling your product is very fast.

2) User has total control over selling and buying products. There’s also a great community activity over OLX which helps to get very effective feedback.

3) Olx also has rich apps for all the mobile platforms so you can always be updated on your mobile devices.

4) One of the biggest advantage with Olx is the support for a large number of local languages. Localization of the marketplace helps drives a large numbers of potential buyers and sellers.

Olx has a huge popularity in India for the marketplace which goes by the tagline “Where Buyers meet Sellers”. You should definitely give the service a try if you are looking to buy or sell any product online.