Use T9 App Dialer for Faster Searching Installed apps on Android

With more powerful Android phones coming in the market and storage space increasing exponentially on phones, keeping crazy number of apps installed on your Android phone is not a problem anymore. It is always a good practise to keep your Android phone clean, but that doesn’t stop you from installing any app you want, does it? Keep installing loads of apps on your Android phone and the next time when you want to find an app to launch, you really have to struggle in your app drawer menu to find that special app which you do not use so frequently.

A very important feature that is missing from majority of popular launcher apps for Android is the ability to search for installed apps on your phone. This may not sound so important when the number of apps on your phone do not fill more than a couple of screens on app drawer. But as the number of apps keep increasing on your phone, so does the time to search for them when you want.

T9 App Dialer for Android

T9 App Dialer

T9 App Dialer for Android is developed on the same idea which is used on the T9 keypad on Android to search for contacts and phone numbers. You tap on keys which are marked for respective group of alphabets and it gives you suggestions. When you like the suggestion you select it.

How does App Dialer Works on Android

T9 App Dialer works pretty much in the same fashion. You launch it using the icon on app drawer. After launch it looks like a widget on top of your homescreen with a smaller T9 keypad. You can search for the app you want to launch using the alphabets on keypad and just click on the app when you find your match. It cannot get simpler and faster than this.

The app has some special functions (like the prominent Clear key) which are shown by a tutorial on the first launch of the app. It also has some advanced functions which can be accessed by pressing the menu button on your Android phone.

T9 App Dialer

The advance functions include uninstalling an app right from the T9 dialer, and a persistent quick launch panel in the notification area. All the advance functions are available if you upgrade to the pro version only. But the free version still does its job and does it pretty well.

Do give it a try if your app drawer has multiple screens filled with lots of apps and you want a quicker way to find and launch apps. You can download T9 App Dialer from here.