How To Download Instagram Photos on Your Phone and Computer

Instagram makes your photos look great. But did you ever wanted to download those stylish, cool, funny and beautiful photos from your own account/from a different Instagram user to your computer or Android phone? Even if you are not planning to use Instagram anymore, it is always a good idea to backup photos that you had uploaded on Instagram before. Here is how you can easily save Instagram photos to your computer and phone easily.



How to Download Instagram Photos from your Account online



Instaport is an online service which allows you to easily download all your Instagram photos to your computer. The service is dead simple. You login with your Instagram account and chose to export your photos and videos. The processing takes some minutes and your download will be ready in zip format. Ta Da !



Copygram is a similar online service like Instaport which lets you download Instagram pics. The addition icing on the service is that it also provides a web interface to search through other user’s Instagrams and download them as well.

How to Download and Save Instagram photos on your Android Phone

When you install Instagram app on Android, it automatically downloads and saves the Instagram pics from your account to your phone. A typical download location of pictures from Instagram for Android is :



If you have reset your phone/formatted your SD card, or if you have uninstalled Instagram app on Android and just want to download all the photos from you Instagram account to your phone, you can use InstaSave app for Android


The app is very small in download size and does what it promises. You login with Instagram account credentials and chose the photos you want to save to your phone. That’s it and your photos will be downloaded.

How to Download Instagram photos directly on your Computer


InstagramDownloader is a small open source app which gives you a manual method to download all Instagram photos of a user (you can also download your own). You can download this application from here.



The application is minimal and very easy to use, right after exracting it from zip file. You just need to enter the username and it fetches direct links to all Instagrams of a user. The links are saved in a text file (userid.txt) in the application directory. You can open the file, select any link and copy/paste in the web browser to get that photo directly.



If you are wondering on how you can search for userid of other people on Instagram, the Android and iOS apps for Instagram provides you plenty of option 😉


Free Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader is a free application which automates the process of downloading Instagram photos directly on your computer. The application has to be installed first. After installation it asks for Instagram id of the user :


After giving the userid, it fetches entire list of Instagrams from that account. You are free to select some or download all the Instagram photos from that account now !


You can download this application from here.

We encourage our readers to try out these applications and let us know which one they like the best and any problems they faced. Do you know of a better way to download photos from Instagram? Let us know in the comments too !