How To Quickly Check a File or URL for Virus Online

We all download a lot of things online ranging from movies, videos, music, software applications and so on. But you can never be too sure about everything you download from the Internet because there are a lot of malware and virus infected websites which are spread all over.

While the current versions of Operating Systems (Windows 8, Mac OS and Linux distros) are much more secure than ever, security conscious users also chose to install an antivirus on their computers to keep a check on the virus and malware that might infect your computer via external drives, network and files downloaded form Internet. But most of the anti virus applications can only scan files only after they are downloaded from the Internet. This choice of security is not always safe and not recommended since you can never be sure about everything you download. A better option is to scan the files you want to download and links you are visiting before you click on them.

VirusTotal is a free online service which we highly recommend. This is one of the easiest way to scan the links and sites that you want to visit. From the homepage of service, you can upload any file you want to check and the service will scan it with dozens of anti-malware services. But a better option is to check a file before you download it from the Internet.



The best part about the service is that it offers extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer which are very convenient to scan any file or link online. You can download the Google Chrome extension for VirusTotal from here .


After the installation you can right-click any link/site to scan it. The link will be scanned in a new tab and a report is generated quickly.



The concept of scanning the links and website you visit online always adds a layer of additional security to your online activity. But the next level security always depends on the applications you use and install on your computer and the common sense of the user.