Prevent Google from Redirecting You to Local Country Search

Google has many country-specific local domain search pages for users around the world. These local domain search pages can be identified by the TLDs (Top Level Domains) like (India), (United Kingdom) and so on. These local domain search pages provide results which are more relevant to your current location.

If you observer carefully while Googling, when you type in your browser address bar , you are automatically redirected to the Google domain for your country. This can get annoying sometimes when you actually want to perform a broad search and the search from these local domains can restrict your search results. Here is how you can prevent Google from redirecting you to the local domain for your searches :

Simply type in the address bar of your web browser. The “NCR” here is an acronym for “no country redirection”.

That’s it ! This only needs to be done once in your browser since this sets a cookie. Even the next time when you try to open in your web browser, you will not be redirected.

To undo this -> Clear your browser cookies.