5 free Torrent Apps for Android

Torrent Apps for Android


Let’s accept it, everyone loves torrents and free sharing. Torrents are one of the most reliable medium to download anything from the Internet. While most of us keep our computers busy by downloading some or the other torrent all the time (latest episode of Television series, image of that Linux distro you want to try and others), you can even use your android device to leech all the possible stuff available on the torrents. After all, the more the merrier, right? Read the full post


Top Free Grooveshark Apps for Android

Grooveshark Android

Mobile Apps

Grooveshark is one of the most popular online music streaming service.  While you can enjoy it for free over it’s sleek HTML5 web interface from your PC or laptop, there is no official app in the marketplace to enjoy the same on your Android phone.

But still if you cannot resist streaming the free and quality music from Grooveshark on your Android phone, here are some very irresistible and worthy contenders:

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Android Home Screen Launchers: Best 5 of the lot


The real beauty of the Android OS platform is that literally everything is customizable and the customization is limited only to your imagination. The mobile OS itself is open source, that means there are million of developers working out there on one thing or the other (read apps), night and day. For an average user like you and me it means that you can gather several apps and customizable bits from all around the web and try to design that awesome experience that every gadget lover dreams about !

Not to mention, the default Android homescreen or “desktop” looks and performs very monolithic. But there are many free and paid homescreen replacements for the default Android homescreen in the Android marketplace, and you’re sure to pick your choice amongst one of these: Read the full post


Amazon’s Android Appstore quietly enters India


Android lovers in India have one more reason now to huddle and cuddle with your lovely Android gadgets, and with that cute droid bot (maybe) ! Now you can access the Amazon Android appstore on your mobiles and tablets legally, without any hack.

Amazon appstore for Android has got huge popularity since its launch, partly due to better visibility and categorization of apps and party thanks to “a deal a day”, in which the Amazon appstore offers one Android app either for free or at dirt cheap price daily. The appstore also packs a feature in which you can test drive any app right inside your web browser in a fully fledged simulator. Neat eh? Read the full post


Update Location on Latitude Automatically on Android via GPS

Google Latitude


Have you ever been out of your home for a roadtrip and were unable to update your location over latitude? Are you tired of updating your exact location manually over latitude? if yes then this article/post is for you.

Unlike Symbian version of latitude which keeps running in the background and updates its location via GPS frequently and automatically, the Android version of latitude, at the time of writing this article, doesn’t support automatic update of  location over. However one can use cell-tower/wifi based location, but sometimes it’s not accurate and can show your location thousands of mile away from your actual location. This article/post will provide a trick to post your location over latitude on android automatically.


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