Use T9 App Dialer for Faster Searching Installed apps on Android


With more powerful Android phones coming in the market and storage space increasing exponentially on phones, keeping crazy number of apps installed on your Android phone is not a problem anymore. It is always a good practise to keep your Android phone clean, but that doesn’t stop you from installing any app you want, does it?┬áKeep installing loads of apps on your Android phone and the next time when you want to find an app to launch, you really have to struggle in your app drawer menu to find that special app which you do not use so frequently. Read the full post


How To Download Instagram Photos on Your Phone and Computer

How To

Instagram makes your photos look great. But did you ever wanted to download those stylish, cool, funny and beautiful photos from your own account/from a different Instagram user to your computer or Android phone? Even if you are not planning to use Instagram anymore, it is always a good idea to backup photos that you had uploaded on Instagram before. Here is how you can easily save Instagram photos to your computer and phone easily. Read the full post


How To Enjoy YouTube Videos without Distraction

Web Apps

YouTube is addictive. Millions of hours are spent every day, around the globe by people addicted to watching random videos on YouTube. Since we all have a very fast Internet connections at our home now, people do not mind occasional ads, the long list of suggested videos on the right sidebar and the long list of mindless comments below the page on YouTube (or do they?). If you, like me, are an avid YouTube surfer, these are huge distractions when you are watching your favorite videos on YouTube. Read the full post


Recover Windows Product Key [All Versions]

Tiny Tip

How many times have you felt the need to recover license key of your Windows Operating System? You must have experienced this sometime, either while reinstalling your computer system or when activating/upgrading your Operating System. If you have purchased and using a genuine license of Windows OS it is very important that you take a backup of your license key and store it in a safe place on external media or backup to a cloud storage. Read the full post