How To Use Grooveshark for Free on Android

Grooveshark AndroidThe official Android app for Grooveshark is no longer active on the Google Play store. Earlier, we had posted about these alternate Android apps to stream music from Grooveshark on your Android phone or tablet.

But here are a couple of other tips using which you can still access Grooveshark on your Android device.

Tips to use Grooveshark for Free on Android:

  1. The easiest way to access Grooveshark on your Android phone (which always works) is to open the official link of Grooveshark for Android on your phone:http://mobile.grooveshark.com/androidUsing this link, you can still download and use the official Android app for Grooveshark on your Android phone. But the official Grooveshark app has its own drawbacks. You can listen to free Internet Radio stations but music streaming from Grooveshark is not free from this app. You can use the second tip below, for exactly the same purpose.
  2. Use an alternate web browser for Android like Dolphin browser and install the Dolphin Desktop plugin.The desktop plugin for Dolphin requests a Desktop view from Grooveshark (rather than mobile). After this you can browse and stream music directly from Grooveshark, just like you do on your desktop.
  3. Haven’t you heard about the new HTML5 version of Grooveshark? Hit the below link on your mobile and you will be presented with a seamless HTML5 UI of Grooveshark:


    This new HTML5 view of Grooveshark works flawlessly on Android

Let us know in the comments if you find any problem with any of these tips. Also, please drop a comment to us if you know any other tip for accessing Grooveshark on Android.

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  1. The HTML5 mobile version sounds like the files are at about 64kbps, it’s awful and hardly a substitute for the full desktop site.

  2. I tried your suggestion and my songs won’t play. The start however a minute into them and it stops….. any ideas?

  3. I use the html5-version for Grooveshark have an andriod-phone. I put a shortcut on my desktop for Grooveshark (using the default internetbrowser). Works perfectly. Only problem I have is that after each song the music stops. I have to push a button (home/softer-louder/on) to reactivate my phone and the next song will begin. Anyone knows what to do?

  4. The html 5 version worked wonders for me! thanks tons! it’s really easy to navigate as well and for some reason loads songs faster/faster connection than the standard desktop version.

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