Windows Live Essentials 2011 & 2012 [Full] Offline Installer


If you love your Windows PC and like Microsoft branded applications you can never miss on the Windows Live Essential suite of applications. To introduce it generously, Windows Live Essentials is Windows’ counterpart of Apple iLife suite of applications.

Windows Live Essentials consists of the most popular Microsoft branded applications : Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Windows Sync and Family Safety. Not being such an avid Microsoft enthusiast myself, I do not make much use of all these applications frequently. But Windows Live Write is an amazing product which can never be missed by any regular blogger.

To install the complete suite for Windows Live Essentials, users usually have to download this online web installer [around 1 MB in size] which in-turn downloads the installer files for all these applications [around 130-220 MB in size]. Since these applications do not get updates so frequently [once a year maybe], it does make sense to download a standalone full offline installer for the complete suite, which you can later use to install on multiple PCs. Once you download the offline installer, you can always select to install only those applications which you need and leave off the rest.

Direct Download Links for Full Offline Standalone Installer for Windows Live Essentials/Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline Installer [English]

Windows Live Essentials 2012 Offline Installer [English]

My two-cents : Windows Live Essential 2012 installer is pretty buggy and erratic, unless you have all the latest updates installed on your Windows PC. So, it’s a better idea to go ahead and download 2011 installer, which installs smoothly and without any issues.

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  • Newton Shah

    I love windows live writter

  • Chris Bedford

    Bear in mind 2012 doesn’t run on XP anyway

  • sagari

    if there are already windows live 2012 and want to install windows live 2011
    how the email messages that stored in? deleted ?

    • I think you can always save all your email in the .pst format and then restore them later.

  • Jänis Policy

    Microsoft is still refining the concept of *bloated* installers that are slow to run and leave their overhead behind in the Installer cache. Windows Live 4 has its components in the form of Cabinets, each of which contains a 7-Zip archive, which then in turn contains a Cabinet, which in turn contain an MSI package with a compressed Cabinet inside. I was gonna look into getting the Mail client out, but it is definitely not worth the bother. Apparently some of the cabinet layers only serve to digitally sign the contents. Just sign the whole damn exe package, which should ideally be much smaller, if you feel the need.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll keep this in my archive in case somebody wants this on their PC. M$ will probably take it down eventually.

    Windows Live 4 (2011) installed successfully for me, fully disconnected from the Internet. The mail component works with normal POP3 server, still ofline. Windows Update and BITS services were forcibly enabled and started. Disabling them again did not prevent the Barely Alive Mail from working.

  • I like Windows Live Writer & Movie Maker.. Great,,,

  • Thank you for this very useful article.

    Microsoft wants everyone to use their half-written, astonishingly pathetic, Windows 10 “Mail App,” which can’t even manage email folders. So they de-supported Windows Live Mail — in fact, the entire Windows Live Essentials package! — and removed the download link from their web site.

    The old download page now simply says, “Note / Windows Essentials 2012 suite reached end of support on January 10, 2017,” and the download link is gone.

    Isn’t that just typical for Microsoft? Write something pretty good, declare it to be “essential,” and then remove it, and substitute something that doesn’t work.

    However, for now, the Essentials 2012 online/web installer still works, if you can find a copy. Fortunately, archive.org has copies here:
    or here:
    It should be 1,239,752 bytes.
    (If M$ makes archive.org take that down, then email me — I have a copy.)

    Microsoft has also taken down the 2011 version offline installer.
    redirects to:
    which is gone.
    But archive.org has copies; here’s one:
    It should be 225,431,912 bytes.
    (If M$ makes archive.org take that down, then email me — I have a copy.)

    Your 21012 offline installer link still works, for now, and archive.org has copies, as well:
    This seems to be the final version:
    It should be 137,329,840 bytes.
    (If M$ makes archive.org take that down, then email me — I have a copy.)

    Note: you might need to also install .NET Framework 3.5 for these; here’s the M$ link for .NET 3.5 with SP1:

    • FanZ26

      Thank you for the very useful information and links! I’ve been trying to move my e-mail archives from my old laptop (which had live mail) to my new one (which has outlook), and I was very frustrated to find that Microsoft took down their download links for Windows Live Mail (which I was finding I’d need to put onto my new laptop to smoothly manage the transition) just 11 days ago! I was able to use the 2012 installer from the links in the main article and get it working, but in the likely case that that gets taken down too, your archive links will be very useful to others in a similar boat, I’m sure.

    • PhredE

      Most grateful for your efforts, Dave.
      We’re dependent on Photo Gallery here, given the simplicity in the way it handles so many photo management features. I tell everyone I can about it.
      Muchos gracias.
      It really provides an opening for someone to create a clone of WLPG. Let’s hope it happens.

      • I’m appalled at how Microsoft treats their customers.

    • Thanks for sharing this. It was a life (and specialy time, which is almost the same…) saver. 🙂

    • Hunter

      Thanks and God bless you!

  • Ailyn

    Thanks for making this available. Since my transition to 10, I’ve absolutely loathed the photo viewer. Any application that takes more than 30 seconds to load a tiny picture is garbage in my book. The photo viewer in WLE has been my go-to. Made sure to make a backup of that offline installer just in case I have to wipe my drive again. Thank you!!!

  • Himalayan Hermit

    This is amazing. Esp. now that Movie Maker has been discontinued and installation fails..This offline installer is a life saver! 2011 link did not work for me but 2012 link worked fine.
    Thank you!

  • Terry

    Link do not work anymore

    • Drop me an email.

      • Melissa Ashley Martin

        I am looking for the link as well my computer broke and geek squad had to reset it.. I lost my movie maker and am crazy mad about it. They told me too bad…

      • Melissa Ashley Martin

        Also I don’t know how to locate your email.

        • Click on my name, then click on the little “link” symbol, which will take you to one of my web sites, where my contact information can be found.

          • Melissa Ashley Martin

            Great! I sent you an email.

    • Some of the links still work. See my comment above. Look for the link introduced by, “This seems to be the final version”

  • PhredE

    Links BROKEN.

  • petesimon2

    seems that links are working sometimes, but not much

  • Cham YM

    Hello Dave Burton, I don’t find any link that is still working to download the windows essential 2011 or 2012. I have been using the app for so many years and all my photos were tag with this software. Can you help me how I can reinstall this software to my new computer? Desperate user

  • ladyt252

    Well, as of today, 1-19-18, NONE of the links work anymore 🙁