UnoDNS Review and Giveaway – Access Hulu, Pandora, Netflix etc. from anywhere

Do you like to watch TV shows which are not aired in your country? Do you like to use streaming music services like Pandora or GrooveShark? Or like to stream Netflix movies from other side of the globe?


UnoDNS by UnoTelly is an amazingly easy to setup service that helps to access many Geo-restricted streaming services. Unlike other ways of accessing content like using proxy or VPN, UnoDNS uses DNS entries to provide content in your reach, which are otherwise restricted.

We are giving away 5 free Annual Gold accounts for UnoDNS as part of this amazing Giveaway. Please read at the end of the post on how to participate in the Giveaway.

Disclaimer – This is not a paid promotion.

UnoDNS Explained

UnoTelly services provide access to many of the Geo-restricted services. Most popular among them are Netflix, Pandora, HULU Plus, BBC iPlayer, CBS etc. Unlike traditional Proxy or VPN services, UnoDNS makes use of DNS entries to give you access to all these services. As the data is transferred directly from user’s device hence the content can be accessed at full speed. Since the data is not transferred using middleware service like VPN or proxy, there is no data cap or speed restriction over streaming content. Hence streaming even a 1080p content is not an issue with UnoDNS.

UnoDNS Setup

With easy to setup guide provided on the website of UnoTelly, setting up UnoDNS on various devices is as easy as a pie. After logging into customer panel, we can know whether UnoDNS is configured properly or not.

UNODNS When Not Configured Properly

UnoDNS When Not Configured Properly


UNODNS when Configured Properly

UnoDNS When Configured Properly

There are two types of DNS servers on UnoDNS; one is simple DNS server and another one is Dynamo DNS server. Dynamo DNS server helps to fetch the content from desired streaming country or region. For example you can set the Dynamo DNS server to fetch the Netflix subscription specifically for UK or US.

Selecting region for streaming service Netflix

Selecting region for streaming service Netflix

To update your current ip for UnoDNS, there are various clients for smartphones and PC with guide available for each on their website. In case of any difficulty the support team is very helpful to resolve the queries.

Update IP to UNODNS service.

Update IP to UnoDNS service.

UnoDNS also has a great looking Android app to use on your phones and tablets :




Final Verdict

UnoDNS service can be configured with a wide array of devices. The service is also very economical considering other VPN and proxy providers. In case you are sceptical about service, you can opt for an 8 day trial account and see how easy and useful this service can be. Although setting up UnoDNS can be a little tricky for some users, this difficulty can be overridden if setup guide is read properly and thoroughly.

Note : UnoTelly also provides a dedicated VPN service. VPN service is available so that you can access content from USA and UK, which is not supported by the UnoDNS service yet.

UnoDNS Feature

  • Available on any device : As this service requires setting up the DNS server, hence it is available on a wide selection of devices like phones, tablets, TV, Xbox etc.
  • No Speed Cap : UnoDNS does not make use of any traditional service like VPN or proxy, hence your full internet speed is used and as stated earlier streaming a 1080p video will not be an issue if you have a fast broadband connection. Apart from that the service also doesn’t have any data cap like VPN or proxy services have.
  • No special setup required : The service is based on DNS entries, hence no special software is required. To update your IP to the service, you can simply click a bookmark link or install apps available for various devices.
  • Affordable Pricing : UnoDNS pricing is really cheap when compared to various private VPN or Proxy services available over the Internet. Their basic plan at the time of writing this article (without the separate VPN service) is available for only $4.99 per month.
  • Choosing region specific content : With Dynamo DNS you can select region for streaming services like Netflix or Global TV. To set up the desired region you just need to log in to customer panel and click on change region from channel list.
  • Support System : Support plays an important role in any service. UnoDNS has 24×7 support service to make sure there is no problem in using the service.


How to enter the Giveaway to Win Free Annual Gold accounts for UnoDNS

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Kunal Gautam

  • grum

    I’ll be traveling around the world for a year or two and I know I’ll find myself overwhelmed every so often and just need some dumbed down reality TV to save my brain. Unotelly + Chromecast + hotel room TV = my saviour!
    Plus Unotelly’s VPN service will save me from all those nasties that lurk on hotel provided WiFi.

  • Jason Moore

    I need Unotelly for a year because my 11-month old is addicted to Sesame Street like a methhead is addicted to free hits. But the problem is, it’s not free: daddy has to pay for it. And since Sesame Street isn’t available in my country, I have to import those puppets into my living room via US Netflix. I’m tired of having to support my child’s filthy habit, and I’m not afraid to ask for a little help. Your kindness can keep a kid in supply of giant birds, imaginary mastadons, green fuzzy homeless men, and an ambiguously gay pair of roommates.

    Don’t do it for me, man. Do it for the children.

  • Idanbt

    I’m an art student. Studying television at Sapir college. I need to watch as much tv as I can. Only DNS service can provide me with thousands of hours of television from outside my country!

    • Idanbt

      Help me getting my degree!

  • Daniel

    Look folks, it’s real simple… Let me lay it out for you.

    I’m in a wheelchair with progressive MS, with a 12+ hour per day “high-production value” habit and I NEED A WIDE selection of great television and movies.

    The challenge – I’m a (bad?) Canadian with no love of hockey. I have no wish to be regularly molested by the cable company, in exchange for poor television viewing. Netflix Canada’s selection leaves me wanting and desperate for a fix.

    Hook me up, and no one here has to get hurt!!! 😉

  • Luke

    I’ve tried a few VPN’s and UnoTelly comes out on top.

    I’m a personal trainer and I need to instruct my clients on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is finding time within a stressful day to unwind. There are those who know how to maximize this time to ‘unwind’ and there are some who don’t know what the term means. UnoTelly provides access to areas that are often hidden from UK audiences and I’ve got to be honest…American TV kicks British TV’s ass.

    So it goes without saying…if a client asks what they can do to relax (which is never). I will say…go sign up to UnoTelly then use that to access American TV content. Simple. I’m positive this will never happen, but then again, I’ve been proven wrong a lot!

  • Luke

    Oh, and then they might ask how I came across this. I’ll respond by saying something like “Oh, I found it on google because I was trying to watch American Netflix and then I came across UnoTelly, and then soon after I came across another website that gave me a free annual pass called techylab.com. Go check those guys out.” Unlikely…but we’ll see 🙂

  • BilalAsif1900

    I am using a VPN to Unblock Hulu and all streaming channels from past couple of years. I am pretty much satisfied with it because it not only allow me to watch streaming channels but also provide me security when i am on-line. VPN is one for all solution that is why i like it.

  • Sally Croft

    Access Hulu, Pandora and Netflix from anywhere in the world with PureVPN http://www.purevpn.com/vpn-service/vpn-for-hulu-netflix-online-streaming.php

    • Sarah Adames

      Yeah Pure is pretty awesome with that but i would recommend ExpressVPN for streaming content from outside of US, because its fast and super anonymous. you can easy select any server in US and start your streaming rite away. i have found ExpressVPN on VPNInsights and learned lot about it.

  • jan yao

    To unblock Access Hulu, Pandora and Netflix from anywhere you can checkout recent article of ReviewsDir.

    • Zubair Hussain Khan

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Zubair Hussain Khan

    I prefer HMA VPN to access geo reristricted website.